Cosmetic Dentist in Eastford

Cosmetic Dentist in Eastford

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Veneers in Eastford

Feeling less than confident in your appearance can really take a toll on you. Not being able to comfortably express yourself around others can be challenging, and it can take a lot of energy out of you as well. Here at Longobardi Dental, our cosmetic dentist in Eastford can help you overcome any cosmetic imperfections holding you back. Dr. Mark Longobardi has been providing all aspects of general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry to patients of all ages in Willimantic for over 20 years, offering services like veneers that can provide you with a complete smile makeover in no time.

When it comes to making smiles brighter, Dr. Longobardi is a long-time expert. Offering a wide range of services, Dr. Longobardi can help transform smiles and effectively cover up cosmetic concerns that may be bothering you and keeping you from sharing your smile with the world. When it comes to issues like small gaps between teeth, uneven or crooked teeth, misshapen or damaged teeth, chipped or broken teeth, yellowed or discolored teeth, ridged or otherwise imperfect teeth, veneers make a great option. Veneers are made from porcelain which can easily mimic natural teeth in color and appearance. Each tooth is designed to look realistic but also more aesthetically pleasing. Veneers act a bit like shells, masking cosmetic imperfections by covering the natural tooth underneath. Here at Longobardi Dental, our cosmetic dentist in Eastford can easily make sure you get the care you need and that you are completely satisfied with your resulting smile whether you choose to get veneers or go with another option.

In addition to cosmetic treatments like veneers, our cosmetic dentist in Eastford can also provide services such as comprehensive oral exams, cleanings and periodontal therapy including scaling and root planing, pediatric dental care, the latest composite and porcelain filling materials, fixed and removable dentures, same day denture repairs, dental implants, veneers, tooth whitening, sedation dentistry, mouth guards, sleep apnea treatment, treatment of dental emergencies and much more. Call us here at Longobardi Dental to learn more and to make an appointment with Dr. Longobardi today.

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