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Eastford Family Dentist

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Dental care for all ages in Eastford

There are two reasons why our dental care for all ages is such a valuable aspect of our practice. First is because we are pleased to work with patients from toddlers up to great grandparents and beyond. And second, because in addition to zeroing in on the needs that are most applicable to various age groups, above all else we treat our patients as the unique individuals they are. That’s a big part of our total commitment to excellence and oral well-being here at Longobardi Dental.

When should children first be brought in to see our Eastford family dentist? As soon as his or her first teeth begin to erupt, it’s highly recommended that she or he come in for the first of a lifetime of six month oral examinations. Yes, a visit to our office twice per year is important no matter your age. Any cavities, gum disease, or other issues should be detected and treated promptly. And a teeth cleaning succeeds in both removing tartar buildup, and thereby making new cavities and future instances of gum disease less likely; but also in reversing existing gum disease, and thereby preventing symptoms such as receding gums, bleeding gums when brushing, persistent bad breath, and more. Our list of services encompass restorations, cosmetic care, and oral surgery, among others. Our Eastford family dentist also treats sleep apnea, a potentially dangerous condition. And because we know that we do have nervous patients, we are pleased to make sedation dentistry available, with options that range from nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to IV and oral sedation. Most of all, though, we make being gentle and patient among our most important goals. We want kids especially to form good attitudes and have positive feelings about coming to our office.

Just reach out to our office to schedule your next visit or one for a member of your household. Our Eastford family dentist looks forward to being a partner in your oral wellness, now and in the future.

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